Do's & Don'ts - Buyer beware ‘caveat emptor’


  1. Strictly no goods to be displayed or sold unless prior arrangement with organisers.

  2. The organisers have the right to determine whether an item is suitable for sale. THEIR DECISION IS FINAL.

  3. NO FOOD OR DRINK TO BE SOLD without prior arrangement.

  4. STRICTLY NO LIVESTOCK, COPY GOODS, or WEAPONS to be displayed or sold.

  5. Trading Is only permitted between 7.00am and 2.00pm

  6. Any unsold goods and rubbish to be taken home or to your household waste recycling centre.

  7. Cars or vans with trailers will be charged £4 extra.

  8. All electrical items offered for sale must be tested, in working order and comply with current British Safety Standards.

  9. All vehicles or persons entering the selling area and offloading goods for sale must pay a rent.

  10. No-one may rent, loan or give use of their space or stall to anyone else.

  11. The organisers or their agent may expel from the site, at any time, anyone for any reason, if deemed in the best interest of the sale.

  12. It is the Stallholders responsibility  to ensure the soundness and correct erection of any  tables used. The organisers will accept no liability whatsoever.

  13. No noise making devices such as T.V's, Tapeplayers, DVD's, PA's etc …

  14. Unloading from 6.00am

    The organisers will not accept any liability or responsibility for any transaction on the market.
    Transactions are strictly between the stallholder and the buyer.
    Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).